“Michelle is amazing to work with! She has been an invaluable part of our business for over 10 years, helping us in every area from starting a business, day to day bookkeeping, payroll, keeping our taxes on track and trouble shooting any difficulties we run across. She has an incredible understanding and knowledge of Quickbooks and her attention to detail and accuracy cannot be matched. Michelle is a great teacher and is always willing and available to answer questions and train with patience. It is with great confidence that I would highly recommend Michelle for any bookkeeping services. She is trustworthy, easy to work with and extremely flexible!”—Susie S.

After a few years of trying countless accounting software and creating a bookkeeping nightmare, I found the one thing that no software had. Michelle Giachetti! She was able to sort out my mess, get me setup on Zoho Books, and actually made it enjoyable. Michelle will be a big part of keeping track as I grow my companies.—Mike T.

“Michelle Giachetti was an integral part of my real estate property management firm, Ann Arbor Realty, Inc., for over 10 years. We managed over 1500 condominiums and rental units in the greater Ann Arbor, MI area. As the Head Bookkeeper and Office Manager, Michelle was responsible for supervising office staff, preparing all financial reports, and coordinating our efforts with property owners, tenants, and maintenance personnel. It is a fast-paced business and Michelle proved herself to be knowledgeable, capable, and reliable with an attention to detail that got the job done efficiently. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Giachetti – she will undoubtedly, meet and exceed the expectations of all who seek out her services.” —Steve W.

“It was my pleasure to work with Michelle for several months, learning the ins and outs of QuickBooks®. I hadn’t had too much experience with it previously, but Michelle got me up to speed quickly, in a way that was easy to understand. She was an excellent teacher, taking time to answer my barrage of questions and showing me how to keep track of everything correctly, the key word here is “correctly!!” After working with Michelle, I realized that most of my prior knowledge had been taught to me by individuals that didn’t truly understand the software, and had taught me bad habits, cheats, and “good enough” ways of inputting data. Michelle re-trained me correctly, making sure everything was accounted for to the penny, things where in the proper category, and everything showed up on the reports I needed to run. It really opened my eyes as to how much QuickBooks® can truly do, and with Michelle’s help, I’m now able to utilize everything aspect of it. I’m so thankful for all the help she’s given me, her time and patience while I was learning and most of all her down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor!!! Thank you for making work so much fun and giving me all the tools I needed to succeed, Michelle.” —Stephanie K.

“Michelle provided excellent and detailed bookkeeping that allowed us to never worry about our books. Michelle is an excellent consultant to investigate and resolve issues in the QuickBooks®.” —David S.